The Energy Breakthrough No One is Talking About

Today I want to tell you about the energy breakthrough nobody is talking about – and no, it doesn’t involve special drinks, caffeine or ridiculous sugar highs.

Actually, it’s not even a new discovery – but an old one that was sorta swept under the rug and never really brought into the limelight.

Big pharma & energy drink manufacturers probably hoped it would stay there…but we think your quality of life is too important to ignore it any longer.  

To re-discover this lost secret, we have to go back to 1951 when scientists wanted to test the effects of liver consumption. They conducted a study on lab rats, and divided them into 3 groups:

  • Group 1 ate a basic diet fortified with 11 vitamins.
  • Group 2 ate the same diet but with added B vitamins
  • Group 3 was fed the same basic diet, but instead of vitamins, they supplemented 10% of their feed with pure, powdered liver.

After several weeks of this regimen, they placed the rats in a drum of water they couldn’t climb out of. It was pretty much a sink-or-swim scenario.

The rats from the first group (who were fed a basic diet), swam for about 13 minutes before giving up & needing to be rescued. The second group (diet fortified with B vitamins) lasted about 13 ½ minutes.

Now here’s where things got interesting:

In the third group (the ones fed powdered liver), 1 rat swam for 63 minutes, another for 83 minutes and another 87 minutes. There were still 9 other rats in the group that were swimming like crazy after 2 FULL HOURS. The scientists had to take them out of the water because they wouldn’t give up!

Something in the powdered liver prevented exhaustion.

So what was it?

Researchers have simply deemed it “The Anti-Fatigue Factor.”

Perhaps someday we’ll finally be able to pinpoint exactly what it was. Until then?


Maybe it’s the fact that liver is, gram for gram, the most nutrient-dense food source in the world.

Or maybe it’s because liver is the most potent, natural source of vitamin B12 – a nutrient needed by every cell in our bodies for proper energy metabolism. In fact, just 4 oz of liver contains 1108% of our Recommended Dietary Allowance.

The results of this experiment are life-changing for so many people who suffer from chronic fatigue… or even just the day-to-day grogginess that comes with leading a busy lifestyle.

The only problem is that it’s…well… liver. For most of us, that’s not exactly something we request for dinner.

At Paleovalley, we wanted to figure out how to harness the power of this incredible organ without the smell of cow livers wafting through our house.

That’s why we created our Grass-Fed Organ Complex. It provides all the benefits of grass fed liver – without the smell, taste or cooking hassle. It even contains grass-fed heart, brain, and kidney – all providing incredible, straight-from-nature nutrients and all mixed together in 1 convenient pill.

We have some pretty high health standards – we don’t believe in compromise. We couldn’t find the perfect blend of purity, safety, AND potency, so we created our own. Our Grass-Fed Organ Complex is sourced from pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed AND grass-finished cows with no antibiotics or hormones whatsoever.

It has completely changed our lives.

And it could change yours too.

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