Natural Vitamin C VS. Synthetic Ascorbic Acid: Is There a difference?

Do you know what's in YOUR supplements?

So many of us have spent hours reading food labels, contacting growers and manufacturers, and chatting up vendors at the farmers market when it comes to food.

So why wouldn’t you want to know the same about your supplements?

The truth is, most of the supplements on your health food store shelves are synthetic. That means they’re chemically derived from natural or unnatural sources and usually sold as “all natural”. And like food, there are supplements that are better for you than others.

Take vitamin C, for example.

Most vitamin C supplements are synthetic. You’ll see this on supplement bottles as “ascorbic acid” and it’s everywhere. Sometimes it’s mixed with other nutrients or “buffered” with minerals to decrease its acidity; but, by and large, most vitamin C supplements are lacking a whole spectrum of nutrients.

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Here’s why that’s a problem…

Synthetic vitamin C isn’t natural, even when it says so on the label. Synthetic ascorbic acid is chemically identical to vitamin C found in food, but it’s far from natural. In fact, most manufacturers are extracting ascorbic acid from GMO corn-based products or rice starch using volatile acids. This kind of processing is way cheaper than using whole foods based nutrients and is usually done in China on the cheap.

It’s probably made from GMO corn. Most companies aren’t super transparent about their manufacturing process, but many ascorbic acid supplements are derived from GMO corn.

It’s only one part of the whole vitamin C story. Ascorbic acid is only one small component of the vitamin C complex. And no matter how hard scientists try to recreate nature in the lab, they’ve yet to duplicate the intricate array of nutrients and enzymes that work together to create the vitamin C we get from nature.

That’s why we decided to make our Essential Vitamin C Complex.

Unlike synthetic brands, our Essential C Complex is made from real, whole superfoods. No volatile acid extraction. No crazy laboratory-made franken-nutrients. Just real, whole foods dried at low temperatures to preserve the natural spectrum of nutrients and put into a convenient capsule.

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In fact, the Essential C Complex contains three of the most concentrated sources of natural, organic vitamin C on the planet: organic, wildcrafted amla berry, camu camu berry, and unripe acerola cherry.

Combined, they deliver 750% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake in a form your body can recognize and use.

And don’t worry - we tested it.

Third-party tests reveal that our Essential C Complex contains 450 mg of vitamin C per serving, making it the most concentrated source of natural vitamin C on the market.

Try it. Feel the difference.

P.S. All of our products are backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. We really want you to feel the difference of natural vitamin C, along with all of the nutrient cofactors that make this stuff so powerful.

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