Is This Why You’re Overeating? (Part 1)

6 Tips To Avoid Overeating! (Part 1)

I think most of us eat too much from time to time.
As a result, we may carry around excess weight, feel lethargic, or not be as confident as we could. And while most assume overeating is the result of a willpower deficit, that's not actually the case at all.
In fact, there are a number of reasons that people overeat that has NOTHING to do with willpower.
So if you've ever felt like you just can't stop eating, please abandon the notion that there's something wrong with you. Your body is your ally not your enemy and there's likely a very good reason you're overeating. But before we dive into some of the most common ones, let's first define overeating.
According to Webster's' Dictionary, to overeat is...
"to eat to excess."
Please note that only YOU can define what eating to excess is for you. People often think they overeat because they eat more than their partner...more than they used to...more than they did yesterday...or more than some trendy diet plan said they should. NONE of these instances necessarily qualify as overeating UNLESS you feel stuffed and uncomfortable after meals or eat when you're not hungry.
The amount of food you need varies from day to day (dependant upon exercise, stress, toxic exposure) season to season, and according to your biochemical individually and health status.
In other words, no one knows how much food you need EXCEPT for you.
Ok, now that that's settled, here are 6 reasons you may be overeating...
(There will be 6 more reasons in PART 2 so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!)
1. You're eating the wrong foods.
Recent research has shown that sugar and sugar-containing foods can stimulate the same areas in your brain (nuccleus accumbuns) as drugs like cocaine. Food manufacturers also spend millions of dollars tweaking processed foods so that you literally "can't eat just one!"
So if you're chowing down on sugar, soda, foods that turn into sugar (carb-heaving foods, fruit juice, dried fruit) or processed snack foods, overeating is PREDICTABLE. Maybe even inevitable.
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2. You are nutritionally deficient.
According to the USDA, 96% of us are deficient in one or more nutrients. Our bodies are wired for survival. Therefore, if you are missing key nutrients your body will prompt you to eat until your nutrient reserves are topped off. If it's poor quality food you choose to eat, you'll need to eat a lot more.
3. You've been dieting TOO long.
Approximately 50% of Americans are on a diet at any given time, including 30% of teens. Many people even hop from diet to diet as 95% of diets fail. When we're always dieting, we aren't as attuned to our body's feedback (and many times try to override it) which results in significantly reduced nutrient intake. When our nutrient reserves are low, our body screams for food.  
4. You're not sleeping enough.
A healthy body of literature has demonstrated that when we don't sleep we eat MORE due to the dysregulation of a hormone called leptin, that tells us we're full. It's also been shown that we eat more carbohydrate-rich foods which can lead to excess weight.
5. You're not eating with enough awareness.
When we eat while multi-tasking or in a hurry, it's rare to notice much about your meal. The problem with that is there's an actual phase of digestion called the Cephalic Digestive Response that REQUIRES you pay attention to the sight, smell, taste, texture and other details of the food you're eating. When you don't, the experience is essentially "missed" and your body will crave more. Bringing awareness to the table helps you eat LESS and also ensures that what you do absorb is digested properly.
6. You're not experiencing enough pleasure.
Food is most people's primary source of pleasure. But, when we don't have other sources of pleasure in our lives like music, massage, play, good friends, laughter, and vacation, we can become overly dependent on food. Since pleasure is a physiobiological requirement, this often means we need to eat MORE. Prioritize various sources of pleasure in your life, and watch how food suddenly takes a back seat.
As you can see, overeating has very little to do with willpower and that there are many effective ways to start to end the vicious cycle.
Hopefully one of these 6 causes resonated with you, but if not be sure to tune in for 5 more JUICY (and little known) reasons for overeating in PART 2 here...
Too good to miss.
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