Here’s why we MUST stop ignoring the psychology of weight loss

For anyone struggling to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, this video is for you! For far too long, we have been hearing that in order to lose weight we need to eat less and exercise more. Usually this works in the short term, but rarely yields long term results. In fact, certain estimates claim that approximately 95% of those who successfully lose weight today, will gain it all back within one year.

Incredibly bleak, isn’t it? Fortunately, this video can give you some insight into why this happens….

Here’s my take on this:

My experience working with clients has reinforced Anokhina’s ideas. Long term weight loss requires an absolute shift in mindset. My favorite quote in the whole video:

“Losing weight shouldn’t be about eating less, it should be about thinking differently”.

Love this!  Unless your goal is to be thin and miserable, starving yourself or eating things you hate is clearly not the answer.

Just as she said:

  • Deprivation is ineffective
  • Self control is finite
  • Thought suppression breeds obsession

This is exactly why chronic dieting has failed so many people for so long.

In order to get the long term results you hope for, let’s implement Anikhona’s ideas today:

  • Stop focusing on “quick results” and instead commit to our higher good.
  • Stop depriving yourself and never let anyone tell you exactly what is right for you.
  • Take dietary advice and weave it into your life based on your preferences. Find healthy foods, recipes, and practices that make you feel your best and do THOSE.
  • Always choose quality over quantity.
  • Buckle up, rather than expecting overnight success.

Your shift in mindset is the impetus that will help you reach your journey’s destination.

In addition, here are some of other things to implement:

  • Ditch perfectionistic thinking.
  • Rather than walking the tightrope each day, appreciate the small, positive daily decisions that will ultimately become your long term, sustainable results. Celebrate your small victories.
  • Decide what will change for you in your life when you reach your goal and do those things TODAY.

Will you laugh more? Take more chances? Start dating? Wear different clothes? Start now and see how much more quickly you’ll get exactly where you want to go.