Got Sleep?

Are you Getting Enough Sleep??

I'm just checking in today to make sure you're not having trouble sleeping. Because if you are, it could put a real damper on your results.

In fact, according to Patrick Holoford, author of Optimal Nutrition, even one night of inadequate sleep can cause blood sugar surges and hormonal fluctuations that increase carbohydrate cravings and promote weight gain. It can also lead to an unstable mood, energy fluctuations AND accelerated aging.

As a new mother, you better believe I've seen this principle in action. When I'm well rested, I'm calm, cool, collected and positive dietary decisions are effortless. BUT, when I'm up in the middle of the night a million times, the next day I'm a hot mess and my cravings for junk food are out of control!

So getting the sweet sleep you need MUST be a priority!

Here are a few fun tips that will help you get your precious health-enhancing (and appetite-suppressing) zzzz's...

  • Dim your lights 2 hours before bedtime
  • Eliminate all dietary stimulants like soda, energy drinks, sugar, coffee, caffeinated teas, etc. (I hope you've already done this!)
  • Use Lavender essential oils. (This is pretty amazing!)
  • Cover all light and unplug all electrical devices in your room
  • Keep your window open and your room around 65 degrees
  • Listen to calming music before bedtime
  • Take a bubble bath with magnesium salts 90 minutes before your bedtime (your temperature will drop 90 minutes afterward which will help ease you into slumberland!)
  • Don't use commercial body care products around bedtime (or ever!) which can incite a stress response
  • Drink banana tea! Cut off the ends of a banana and boil the banana (and the peel!) in hot water for 3-10 minutes. Pour the magnesium-packed water in a mug and enjoy. Magnesium helps your body relax and sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus and husband swear by it!

And a special note to all my friends who believe they simply don't require as much sleep as everyone else: you're probably wrong! About 40% of my clients believe they belong to this "need less sleep" category but only 5% of the population actually does. About 7-8 hours should be your nightly goal.

OH! and I just got done recording an incredibly fascinating podcast about WHEN you should be sleeping for best results with Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep expert you may have seen on the Dr. Oz show and the author of The Power of When!

Spoiler alert: It's different for everyone!

Fortunately, he's created a handy little quiz that can you can take here ( so you can learn all about WHEN you should be sleeping (and eating, and asking your boss for a raise and even a little bit about your personality). Truly fascinating stuff. So take the quiz and listen to our super fun podcast here with Dr. Breus here.

Whatever you do, just use the tips above and prioritize those glorious zzzzz's so you can keep your results coming!