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Posted by Autumn Smith

Can you think of the number one resource your body can’t survive without?

Oxygen? Water? Maybe food?

If you said oxygen, you’d be correct.

The basic ‘rule of threes’ says that a human being can live for approximately three minutes without oxygen, three days without water and three weeks without food.

And just like oxygen is absolutely necessary for our survival, there’s one antioxidant that plays a similarly critical role in maintaining our health.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

If it was possible for a nutrient to be mistreated, it’d be vitamin D.

Ok…that might sound silly but for such an incredible, multi-faceted vitamin to be underutilized and underappreciated really is a shame!

For years, it was put in a little corner and only associated with strong bones.

Of course, I’m not debating that. Vitamin D does promote calcium absorption in the gut, is needed for bone growth and remodeling and protects against osteoporosis, rickets, fractures and more.

I’m just saying that the benefits of vitamin D reach far beyond “good bones,” and research is finally proving that.

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