Does ADHD Prevention Start in the Womb?

If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s our desire to give our children the best start possible.

But that’s hard to do when there is so much conflicting information out there – even among our Obstetricians & General Practitioners.

One hot topic involves vitamin A.

Some doctors warn against large amounts of this crucial vitamin during pregnancy. The problem with this recommendation is that vitamin A is absolutely necessary for:

  • Proper skeletal & palate formation
  • Building of the immune system
  • Clear communication between the senses and brain
  • Lung development

And deficiency, which is much more common than we realize, can lead to miscarriage, eye defects, kidney abnormalities and more.

So you NEED vitamin A, but you need the right kind. The synthetic form of this vitamin (found in most prenatals) can be toxic in high amounts because the body can’t process it like it should, leading to dangerous buildup.

Natural, preformed vitamin A eliminates that risk entirely. It’s truly the safest way to give growing babies what they need without any scary side effects. Another source of debate surrounds the B vitamin, choline.

More and more nutritionists are questioning the recommended daily amounts as “not enough” for pregnant women. As adults, nearly 90% of us are deficient in this vital nutrient that’s necessary for proper nervous system function.

That’s bad enough as it is, but choline deficiency in the womb has far more devastating consequences. In developing babies, choline is responsible for proper stem cell proliferation and brain function. A lack of choline in unborn babies is directly linked to neural tube defects and even lifelong cognitive issues.

Knowing this, researchers recently conducted a study where they supplemented pregnant mothers with double the RDA of choline and compared them to those who didn’t supplement. The results were astounding – especially for those wanting to prevent the ever-growing epidemic of ADD & ADHD.

Once born, the babies received choline supplementation once a day for 3 months. Follow-up testing done at 4 years old revealed that children who received choline support had fewer attention problems and dramatically less social withdrawal.

Interesting, right?

Whew…that was a lot of information! Now the question remains:

What do you do with it all?

To recap, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin A & choline in their proper form. Unfortunately, the best sources of these vitamins aren’t found on a shelf in a prenatal one-a-day. Instead, nature itself provides the perfect source of these vital nutrients in the form of grass-fed organ meats.

In fact, just a tiny portion of grass-fed liver contains 88% DV of choline & 95% vitamin A. Not to mention the remarkable folate, vitamin B12 & riboflavin content. As a holistic nutritionist, I knew the value of organ meats. So much so that when I was pregnant, I literally cut & froze tiny bits of liver and swallowed them like pills. Gross. 

I didn’t want other women to endure the same taste-bud torture I did.

That’s why we created our Grass-Fed Organ Complex.

It contains gently freeze-dried organ meats (liver, heart, brain & kidney), delivering nature’s powerful nutrients with none of the smell & taste.

The best part? These are REAL whole foods that are bioavailable, meaning our bodies absorb their nutrients immediately & efficiently. The result? NO toxic buildup. You don’t have to worry about “too much” vitamin A or choline.  

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