7 Ways To Tell You’re Deficient In Vitamin C

Here’s a fun fact for you: Humans are the only mammals that don’t make their own vitamin C.

Interesting, right? Vitamin C is so important that literally every other mammal has the ability to create its own.

More than just a boost to the immune system, it plays a critical role in many of the body’s functions and is a powerful antioxidant. It also aids in tissue regeneration, the absorption of iron, production of collagen and so much more.

Since we have to depend on outside sources to supply vitamin C, it’s very easy (and very common) to be deficient.

And an unaddressed vitamin C deficiency can lead to a variety of diseases. It could even be fatal. Catching it early on is crucial.

With that said, here are 7 signs you’re deficient in Vitamin C:

1. You get sick more often than most people you know

Vitamin C keeps your immune system up and running. When you don’t have enough, your immune system weakens and you start catching every little thing that comes your way.

2. You bruise easily (and wonder what you could have run into)

A lack of vitamin C leads to weakened capillaries, so even a minor bump creates a bruise.

3. Your skin is dry or scaly

Vitamin C deficiency is often the culprit behind chronic dry skin and even those annoying small bumps on the back of arms or thighs. This is because vitamin C is so closely linked to collagen.

4. You have brittle hair and nails

In the grand scheme of things, hair isn’t a very important part of the body. That’s why nutrients like vitamin C are sent to more essential areas first, and hair just gets the leftovers – if there are any.

5. Nosebleeds are a regular occurrence

This happens for the same reason bruising does. Inadequate levels of vitamin C equals weakened and fragile blood vessels.

6. Your joints are swollen and/or sore

This critical vitamin plays a key role in fighting inflammation, which as you may know is the cause of conditions like arthritis. One study showed that people low in vitamin C were 3 times more likely to develop arthritis than those who ate a C-rich diet.

7. Cuts or burns seem like they take a long time to heal

Collagen is the tissue that binds a healing wound, and it can’t do so properly without vitamin C. This fact has been known since 1937 when doctors noticed spontaneous breakdown of surgical wounds in patients low in vitamin C.

If you identify with one or more items on this list, there’s a good chance you need more vitamin C in your diet.

And if you don’t address this deficiency now, it could morph into serious conditions like high blood pressure, stroke, gallbladder disease, cancer and more.

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