6 Ways To Begin Your Day for Optimal Health and Detox…

Start your day off on the right foot!

The way you begin your day informs the way the rest of the day unfolds. I truly believe this. It is the reason that for the last several years I have had a morning “wellness ritual” that helps me wake up and feel my best. If you’re in need of a new routine or simply looking to transform your health, use the following 6 tips for an improved morning routine. This is excerpted from an article entitled, 9 Morning Detox Rituals That Will Change Your Life by Detoxdiy. Read the full article here:

Detox Ritual #1: Coconut Oil Pulling

Before you do anything else, take a spoonful of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 5 to 20 minutes. This prevents the bacteria and toxins that have accumulated in the mouth from entering the body, and frees up your immune system by reducing the toxic load.  It is best to spit the oil into the trash when you’re done, rather than in the sink to avoid any plumbing issues.

It’s important to do this before brushing your teeth, drinking water, or eating food.  You’ll love the way the coconut oil tastes, and the way it blasts through that yucky morning breath.

Detox Ritual #2: Tongue Scraping

Once you’ve finished coconut oil pulling,  you can scrape your tongue to make sure that you’ve gotten all of the residue off. Then brush your teeth with an all-natural toothbrush. You can use a stainless steel scraper or a plastic one.   Either will help to scrape the layer of film from your tongue. When combined with oil pulling, you won’t believe how fresh your mouth feels after brushing.  Morning breath will become a thing of the past.

Detox Ritual #3: Dry Brushing

Before hopping in the shower, use a body brush to slough off the dead skin. This will get your lymph fluid circulating. The correct method is to use short strokes and always brush in the direction of your heart.

Start at your feet and work up your legs until you get to your midsection. Next, move to your arms working all the way up to your shoulders. Move to your tummy and finally to your back. You’ll notice a difference the first time you try it. The best results are seen from regular brushing and making it a morning ritual.  Eventually, you will do it automatically.

Detox Ritual #4: Lemon Water

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water is the first step in helping the body rid itself of toxic build-up in a natural way. It fires up your digestive system and helps to hydrate the body following a night of sleep. The lemon provides enzymes to the liver preparing it for the meals that will follow during the day. When compared to drinking plain water (or not drinking any water at all),  lemon water has clear benefits which you’ll be able to feel all morning long.

Detox Ritual #5: Meditation

Clearing your mind before beginning your day is a good way to ease stress and its toxic effect on the body. However, his can be the most difficult habit to form. The anticipation of the busy-ness of the day can weigh on you and put you in a frantic state in the morning. But, this is the best time to take a moment to breathe and meditate. It sets the tone for the rest of your day.  Try finding that inner peace.  The rest of your day will flow with ease leaving behind those frantic feelings you had at the first sound of your alarm .

Detox Ritual #6: Pack a Detox Lunch

Setting yourself up for success is part of the detox plan.  Packing a lunch helps you avoid all of those temptations out there. Don’t leave it to chance or rely on what’s offered by food manufacturers. Take care of yourself with a detox salad, soup, or both. It may take a few minutes out of your morning (or even better do it at night).  You’ll be rewarded with a prepared lunch that leaves you feeling energized and recharged and keeps you moving successfully toward your detox goals.

My take on this:

Morning is my favorite time of day! I feel like anything is possible. Each morning you have important choices to make. If you choose to make efforts to start the day in a healthy way, you’ll be sure to be rewarded later.

I like to focus on having an extremely nutrient dense breakfast. I enjoy a hot mug of chai tea with a little grass-fed butter and cinnamon, a greens shake and a pasture-raised omelette loaded with tons of organic veggies. I also love to begin my day with a little exercise to get my heart rate and circulation flowing. This doesn’t mean doing wind sprints. Even a brisk walk or a few jumping jacks can be enough to change your mood.

A healthy breakfast, a little movement, and a few of the above suggestions will get you out the door feeling better than ever!