5 Ways to Boost Brain Function

Your brain functions much like any other organ in the body – it needs active support to stay in shape.  

That can be easier said than done though. 

You can lift weights to exercise your muscles and jog to keep your heart healthy…but what can you do for your brain?!

I’d love to help you with that today 😊

Here are my top 5 ways to boost brain function, and as a result, maximize success in all areas of life!

The best part?

You can do them all without any fancy equipment or expensive medications! 

Here we go: 

1. Get Active!

Did you know regular exercise not only keeps you looking and feeling good but also boosts cognitive function?

In the short term, cardiovascular exercise boosts brain health. In the long run, it helps prevent degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Even something as simple as a brief jog each day can protect your brain for years to come. 

2. Focus on the Fiber 

Research links the consumption of high-fiber foods to an increase of short-chain fatty acids, which boost proteins like BDNF. This Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor is known as the “miracle growth protein” because of its role in neurogenesis. 

An easy way to get your daily dose of BDNF is to eat salads loaded with fiber-rich foods like broccolini, lentils, artichokes and more. 

 3. Sleep More (and Better!)

Busy modern lives make this one more challenging than it sounds. Early mornings and late nights are staples for our generation. 

But the stress and excitement of overstimulating lives can have negative effects on sleep patterns – and ultimately your brain. 

In fact, sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in the volume of gray matter you possess! 

So basically, less sleep means a smaller brain – not good. 

Help your body catch the Z’s it needs by limiting caffeine intake and eating vitamin B6-rich foods like salmon (because B6 is needed to make the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin!). 

4. Play Brain-Training Games

Brain-training games, exercises, and puzzles (such as Sudoku) assist in making new associations between different areas of the brain, working to keep it sharp. 

If you need something that’s a bit easier to fit into your existing routine, try doing simple daily activities with your non-dominant hand! 

This can include things like brushing your teeth or making a cup of coffee. You’ll be surprised at how challenging it is, but even more surprised at its effectiveness in boosting brain function! 

5. Eat Smart

A good diet can improve all areas of your health, but studies show that certain foods can actually help slow mental decline.

This is especially the case with choline – a brain-boosting nutrient found naturally in organ meats. Choline protects the nervous system, boosts power output and helps prevent degenerative diseases.

Other top brain-boosting foods include those high in Omega-3 fatty acids (especially DHA and EPA) and Vitamin D.

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So to recap, encouraging healthy brain function doesn’t have to be hard. Just:

  1. Stay active 
  2. Add high-fiber veggies to your diet
  3. Be intentional about getting enough sleep
  4. Practice doing simple tasks with your non-dominant hand
  5. Eat choline-rich foods

Easy peasy! 

What’s your favorite way to keep your brain sharp? Let me know!