3 Natural Ways To Prevent Hangovers

Back in my college days, drinking usually meant too many cheap drinks on an empty stomach - and then a day of misery with a horrible hangover! I’m grateful I outgrew that.

Now, I still love to have a few drinks every now and again - but unlike in my college years, after a night of drinking, life keeps humming along gracefully! No hangovers, headaches, or symptoms from eating or drinking things I “shouldn’t.”

What’s the secret?

Preparation! There are 3 things I do when I know I’m going to have a drink or two to make sure I actually enjoy myself and never feel hungover the next day. 

Top 3 Ways to Naturally Prevent a Hangover

1. Choose The Right Alcohol + Mixers 

Drinking cheap alcohol or sugary mixers is a surefire way to feel terrible! If you want to feel good the next day, choose quality over quantity  - that means go for the top-shelf stuff! More expensive alcohol is better distilled and less likely to contain artificial flavors or colors. Plus the expensive stuff doesn’t need a ton of mixers or syrups to taste good - a splash of soda water with a lime or on the rocks will do it. If I’m drinking liquor, I look for a gluten-free vodka or tequila. For wine, I only drink Dry Farm Wines since they’re certified low-sugar, low-alcohol, and have no weird additives. Any other wine is sure to leave me with a headache the next day.

2. Never Drink On An Empty Stomach

This was my number one sin back in my college drinking days! I’d start drinking with an empty stomach, which made the alcohol hit me faster. Once I was “loosened up” from a drink, my guard came down and I’d eat anything in my path - even the foods I knew made me feel terrible! It’s a huge game-changer to eat a real meal before you drink - and to have a healthy snack on hand for when you get hungry later in the night. While everyone else is succumbing to drive-thru tacos, you can enjoy a Paleovalley Beef Stick knowing you’ll wake up feeling good - and with no regrets!

3. Take Vitamin C Before & After

This tip is my secret weapon! Before a night of drinking and the next day, I always take a vitamin C supplement. When we drink, the need for vitamin C is enhanced (because vitamin C helps us metabolize alcohol). At the same time, drinking alcohol depletes our vitamin C stores. Yep, we need more vitamin C to process the alcohol, and because of the alcohol we have less than usual! And if that wasn’t enough  - vitamin C also helps protect us from the oxidative-damage alcohol can cause. Vitamin C is like a triple-threat against alcohol! And remember - humans are the only mammal whose bodies cannot create their own vitamin C - so you definitely need to supplement. 

But don’t just take any vitamin C - a supplement that only contains ascorbic acid won’t be as effective as a vitamin C complex that contains the entire spectrum of vitamin C. 

I only take our Essential C Complex. It’s made from whole food sources (unlike synthetic vitamin C - which is derived from GMO-corn) and has 450 mg of vitamin C per serving (750% your RDI). 

Paleovalley Essential C Complex is the most potent, natural and organic vitamin C product on the market. Since I started taking it, I haven’t had a hangover.

Curious to see if these tips work for you? 

Grab a bottle of organic wine, a Beef Stick, and try our Essential C Complex