13 Excellent Reasons to Try our Organ Complex

Even though when most people hear the word “superfood” they think of spirulina, turmeric or even kale, ORGAN MEATS are actually the superheroes of the Superfood sphere. I used to eat them occasionally, but since adding them to my daily repertoire, I’ve literally taken my health to a whole new level.

But I know what you’re thinking….

“Organ meats taste AWFUL!”

True story.

Fortunately for you, because of our NEW Grass Fed Organ Complex, you no longer have to CONSUME them to receive their unmatched benefits.

(more on that below!)

So if you’re ready to up your health game and feel your best, here are some excellent reasons our Grass Fed Organ Complex might be just what you need...

1. Nutrient Density.

Gram for gram, liver, is the most nutrient dense food in the world! On average, organs are also 10-100 times more nutrient dense than muscle meats! Whoa. In fact, just four ounces of liver contains:

  • 1108% of your vitamin B12,
  • 380% of your vitamin A,
  • 180% of your vitamin B2,
  • 88% choline,
  • 80% vitamin B9
  • 72% vitamin B3
  • 64% selenium
  • 60% vitamin B6
  • 44% phosphorus

In today's nutrient-depleted world, where (according to the USDA) 96% of us are nutrient deficient, we will all benefit from incorporating them regularly.

2. SAFE and effective source of B12 & B9

(unlike many other B vitamin supplements)

Experts estimate that up to 40% of the population may be deficient in vitamin B12 and B9, both of which are important nutrients for overall health and the prevention of heart disease. What most people don't realize, however, is that synthetic forms of these vitamins (yes, often found in multivitamins labeled as cyanocobalamin and folic acid) have been linked to an increased risk of diseases like cancer.

Because our Grass Fed Organ Complex is a whole food, its vitamins are natural and in an active form that your body can actually use.


Iron deficiency is the most prevalent nutrient deficiency in the world and can lead to issues like low energy, pale skin, weakness, and anemia.

Liver contains a form of iron called heme that is far better absorbed (7-33%) than non-heme iron (2-20%)  found in plants. Heme iron also improves your body's ability to increase non-heme absorption.

Therefore, our Grass Fed Organ Complex is a great way to improve both your iron absorption and status.


Retinol, the ACTIVE version of vitamin A found in animal products, is crucial for healthy reproduction, skin, bones , vision and thyroid and immune function. What most people don’t realize, though, is that retinol is different (and more easily used by your body) than the form of vitamin A found in plants (carotenoids).

Even though carotenoids ARE important they must be converted by the body into active vitamin A which is difficult for certain individuals (especially those eating too little fat). Therefore, consuming organs is a simple way to dramatically reduce your risk of vitamin A deficiency symptoms.


When Dr. Weston Price (aka the Isaac Newton of nutrition) analyzed the diets of traditional cultures who were free from modern-day diseases he found that they contained 10 times MORE fat-soluble vitamins than our diets today.

This is important because fat-soluble vitamins aid the absorption of minerals. In fact, without them, minerals will not be absorbed no matter how plentiful they are in your diet.

Our Grass Fed Organ Complex contains ample fat soluble vitamins which ensure you absorb all the precious minerals you consume!

6. Protects your BRAIN.

Choline (found in liver)  is an overlooked and under-consumed nutrient important for energy production and liver, brain and metabolic health. Low levels have been associated with cognitive decline, ALZHEIMER’s, low energy and mood issues.

7. PROVIDES Natural ENERGY and stamina (without the CRASH!)

Liver contains an unidentified “anti-fatigue factor” which is why it's often used by bodybuilders and athletes for a competitive edge. In a 1951 study by Benjamin Ershkoff rats were fed a normal diet, a normal diet and B vitamins, and a normal diet and liver. The rats were then placed in a drum of water to see how long they could swim.

Rats that ate the liver swam 4-5 times longer than those who ate the other 2 diets (average of 14 minutes vs. over 60 minutes). Some of them were even still swimming at the end of the study.

8. Improves heart health.

Co-Q10 is a chemical compound made by the body and found in organ meats that has been found to enhance athletic performance and energy, fight obesity, improve fertility and immune function and reduce toxic burden.

It's also thought to be extremely important for heart health and certain experts believe heart disease can be tied directly to a coQ10 deficiency.


According to a Harvard study between 70-90,000 deaths each year can be attributed to omega 3-fatty acid deficiency alone most likely due to their potent ability to reduce inflammation. Our Grass Fed Organ Complex is an excellent source of this powerful nutrient.


While most people believe that the amount of a nutrient listed on a supplement label is the amount you’ll absorb, that isn't always the case. In fact, synthetically derived nutrients are often poorly absorbed. Even worse is the certain synthetic vitamins (B12 and B9) have even been found to increase the risk of disease

Because our Grass Fed Organ Complex is a WHOLE FOOD, it contains the nutrients in their active form with all of the co-factors required for optimal absorption.


Traditional cultures and their medicine men believed that eating the organs of healthy animals benefited the same organs in those who ate them. In other words, “Like cures like.”

One of my dear friends, Aaron, who has suffered from daily migraines no matter what he tried (acupuncture, muscle testing, supplements,) illustrated this perfectly. Our Grass Fed Organ Complex has been one of the ONLY things he's tried that has brought him significant relief.


Perhaps the most exciting benefit of all. I used to roll frozen liver into balls and try to swallow them whole because I ABHOR the taste. Don't try it. If you love the taste of organs, I'm jealous, but if not rest assured our teensy capsules are a heck of a lot easier to swallow than organs no matter how they're prepared.

13. People are RAVING about them.

Health enthusiasts everywhere are loving them. Migraines have been resolved, energy levels and stamina have skyrocketed, and my nails, hair, and skin have never been healthier. Which is probably the reason we've completely sold out twice. Don't wait, be sure to claim yours before it's too late!


If you decide to add organs into your diet regularly please NEVER eat organs from improperly fed animals. The levels of vitamins they contain will be diminished (especially A, D and K), their fatty acid profile will be inflammatory (wayyy more omega 6), their antioxidant counts will be reduced and they could contain toxins (antibiotics, hormones, pesticides). Stick to organs from properly fed animals only pretty please.

We hope you try them and are confident you'll love the way you feel!