Is this why you’re still not feeling your best?

Over the years, I've learned a lot about the key role that a healthy, ancestral diet plays in disease prevention and vibrant health. And while diet IS absolutely the cornerstone of a healthy life, there's also another important variable, called low vagal tone, that’s often implicated in things like:

Anxiety/depression, Food sensitivities, Brain fog, Inflammation, Reflux, Gut issues (IBS)...that I haven't talked nearly enough about.

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5 Reasons to Ditch Your Collagen Powder and What to Use Instead

Collagen is a powerful amino acid supplement that’s great for everything from gut health to joint health.

But the more I learned about the processing behind collagen powder, the more I turned to the good old fashioned bone broth for the healing benefits of collagen.

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The Energy Breakthrough No One is Talking About

it’s not even a new discovery – but an old one that was sorta swept under the rug and never really brought into the limelight.

Big pharma & energy drink manufacturers probably hoped it would stay there…but we think your quality of life is too important to ignore it any longer.

To re-discover this lost secret, we have to go back to 1951 when scientists wanted to test the effects of liver consumption. They conducted a study on lab rats, and divided them into 3 groups:

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Fermented Foods - How to Ferment Your Food

If someone on the street asked you the #1 way to support gut health, what would you say?

I best most of us would have the same answer – probiotics.

But the pill form of probiotics as we know them today didn’t hit the scene until the late 1900s.

So what did generations past do to care for their guts?

They ate fermented foods!

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8 AIP Snacks You’ve Never Heard Of

The hardest part of any restricted diet is finding tasty, ingredient-compliant snacks for busy days. And the Autoimmune Paleo diet is one of the most restricted diets out there. It even has a laundry list of spices to avoid!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this list of simple snacks to have on hand in a pinch. There’s one for nearly every craving - salty, sweet, or crunchy - and they’re kid-friendly as well.

If you’re not on an AIP diet? Don’t feel left out. Every snack is Paleo-friendly and marked for keto compliance.


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The Nutritional Impact of Organ Meats on Hormone Health

We all know how important balanced hormones are to our health. What is a little harder to wrap our heads around is all the moving parts and nutrients involved in keeping everything in perfect balance.

For instance: If your pituitary gland doesn’t receive enough magnesium or vitamins D and E, it won’t have what it needs to secrete hormones properly. Then the various organs and glands that depend on pituitary signals will be impacted as well.

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