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Posted by Autumn Smith

Ask any cardiologist and he or she will tell you that exercise plays a key role in heart health.

Don’t get me wrong, it DOES. Being a former fitness trainer, I know the value of proper
exercise. The point I want to make is this:

Exercise isn’t enough to counteract a diet lacking in heart-healthy nutrients, and there’s 1 nutrient that outshines them all when it comes to your cardiovascular health: CoQ10

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Posted by Autumn Smith

True, sustained health will never exist in a single pill. Research has proven and (non-pharma funded) doctors agree that the key to optimal health lies in what you eat.

But....There’s 1 food-based mineral that’s finally getting the attention it deserves (from scientists around the world) as a major component in disease prevention.

Keep reading to find out what it is!

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