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Posted by Matt Smith

Whenever the holidays roll around, I just love having my hot apple cider, eggnog and especially a rich, creamy hot chocolate that warms me to the core. It instantly brings a smile to my face. One of my favorite reasons for choosing this particular hot cocoa recipe though, is that it's also dairy-free! smile

I can actually say I've gone through quite a bit of hot chocolate recipes, and while most are great, this is hands down my favorite so far!

Get ready for perhaps the tastiest 'Paleo Approved' hot chocolate recipe you've ever tasted!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

High quality, dark chocolate has many benefits. This study analyzed brain images of 122 undergraduate students. It found that dark chocolate demonstrated the ability to boost attention, alertness and improve performance. In other words, chocolate not only tastes great and reduces your risk of disease, but it can also help you to get more done and perform better. What's not to love?

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