6 Foods That Can Devastate Your Gut

Everyone wants to know what to eat to cultivate a healthy gut these days.

And while many of my prior posts have laid a solid foundation for what to ADD to your diet to cultivate gut health, there is still one REALLY important topic we have to cover to ensure you get your world-class GUT...

What NOT to eat.

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7 Reasons To Kick Your Diet Soda Habit

Are you still drinking diet soda to lose weight?

If so, please be sure to read this entire email because I think you’ll be shocked by what I’m about to share.

Many people got hooked on diet soda (like I did!) because they think zero calorie = weight loss. Recent research has shown that it’s just not that simple. In fact, a study conducted over 9 years found diet soda drinkers actually gained weight and had bigger waistlines.

The more soda participants consumed, the more weight they put on. Here are 7 reasons to ditch the diet soda and get your health back...

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New Study Reveals How Dangerous Diet Soda (Aspartame) Really Is…

Research has also shown that aspartame can interfere with our body’s satiety signals which can increase appetite which makes us eat more. Drinking diet soda has also been associated with weight gain (specifically belly fat) rather than weight loss. Finally, a plethora of studies have linked aspartame to learning and mental disorders, emotional issues, headaches, seizures and other conditions.

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