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Posted by Autumn Smith

The goal of Radiate in 28 (and my morning tonic) is increasing NUTRIENT DENSITY.

Because, according to New York Time best-selling author Dr. Mark Hyman, 92% of us are nutrient deficient which is one of the biggest obstacles to vibrant health today.

Therefore my goal is to FLOOD your body with the precious nutrients from the most nutrient dense food available so that you can feel amazing, lose weight, reduce inflammation, prevent or manage disease or reach your other, not yet mentioned health goal that may be a result of nutrient insufficiency.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Do you ever suffer from cravings that make it seem IMPOSSIBLE to make healthful decisions?

If so, I've got some timely tricks up my sleeve that may be exactly what you need to get back in the swing of things post Halloween-candy-craziness. They're also for those of you who are just making the (often craving-ridden) transition to a paleo way of life.

But before we get into how to beat cravings, I think it's important to remember that NOT all cravings are created equal. In fact some cravings are actually a GOOD thing.

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