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Elevate Every Dish With the Pure, Savory Flavors of Paleovalley

Organic Spice Blends Bundle

Experience the Flavor and Purity of Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends - Made With No Added Sugars, Grains or Seed Oils

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The Paleovalley Spice Blends Bundle

Each bundle contains one jar of each of the following four unique spice blends:

Organic Mile High Steak Seasoning: Tailored for steak lovers, the Organic Mile High Steak Seasoning combines organic garlic, black pepper, dill seed, coriander, paprika, and red pepper. The unique addition of dill seed offers an unexpected twist, enhancing the natural flavors of steak and other meats. This blend is not just for grilling. It is a versatile seasoning that can elevate even the simplest dishes.

Organic Rosemary Garlic Seasoning: A classic combination, the Organic Rosemary Garlic Seasoning brings together organic garlic, black pepper, rosemary, and sea salt. This blend is perfect for those who appreciate the timeless pairing of rosemary and garlic. It's particularly suited for poultry, lamb and beef, but its uses extend to vegetables, breads, and sauces, making it an indispensable addition to your spice collection.

Organic Coriander Cumin Seasoning: This blend is a unique combination of organic coriander, cinnamon, cumin, fennel, and a hint of cayenne. Ideal for adding a warm, aromatic touch to pork dishes, the Organic Coriander Cumin Seasoning is a must-have for those who love a blend of sweet and spicy notes in their cooking. Its versatility makes it a staple in any kitchen, perfect for experimenting with a variety of dishes.

Organic Everything Seasoning: A true all-rounder, the Organic Everything Seasoning is a blend of organic lemon peel, white pepper, onion, garlic, paprika, ginger, and yellow mustard seed. It's the ultimate go-to for adding a burst of flavor to virtually any dish. Whether you're seasoning meats, vegetables, or experimenting with marinades, this blend brings a balanced and robust flavor profile.


Clean Spice Blends To Enhance Every Dish



Clean Spice Blends To Enhance Every Dish

Discover the essence of flavor with Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends. Our collection is crafted from the finest organic ingredients. Perfect for the health-conscious cook, these blends are gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO, non-ETO and free from seed oils, refined sugars and sugar alcohols.

Packaged in clear glass jars with a shaker top, each blend offers a unique culinary experience.

Available only online, Paleovalley Spice Blends are more than seasonings; they're a commitment to healthful, flavorful cooking. Transform your meals with these organic, palate-pleasing spices, a perfect addition to any kitchen.

The Health Benefits of Spices

The Paleovalley Organic Spice Blend bundle features four unique blends, with a total of 16 distinct organic spices, each contributing to a rich variety of flavors.

But, did you know?

Spices are more than just flavor enhancers. They are some of the most nutrient and antioxidant-dense foods on the planet. Each sprinkle of spice not only adds depth and aroma to your dishes but also brings a host of health benefits. In fact, many spices rank higher in antioxidant activity than fruits and vegetables.

Some of the main compounds include:

These compounds work synergistically to provide health benefits, making spices a valuable addition to a healthy diet.

The Problem With Store-Bought Spices

Unfortunately, the purity and health advantages of many store-bought spices are often compromised. Commonly, these spices are not organic, leading to potential exposure to pesticides, diminishing their natural benefits. Additionally, conventional spice processing frequently involves irradiation and the use of Ethylene Oxide (ETO) for sterilization, which raises concerns about their overall safety and quality. Even when spices are labeled organic, they can sometimes contain refined sugars and seed oils.

In stark contrast, Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends are sourced from certified organic farms. They are never sprayed with harmful pesticides or synthetic chemicals. Our spices are carefully selected and blended without the use of irradiation or ETO, preserving their natural integrity. We also commit to not adding any refined sugars or seed oils, maintaining the purity of our blends. This meticulous attention to sourcing and processing means that Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends stand apart in quality and healthfulness, offering a truly organic, natural culinary experience.

Why Paleovalley Spices...

1. Unmatched Flavor and Versatility

These spices stand out for their extraordinary flavor and adaptability. Each blend, from the earthy Coriander Cumin Seasoning to the aromatic Rosemary Garlic Seasoning, is crafted to elevate a wide array of dishes. Perfect for grilling, roasting, or sautéing, these spices cater to diverse cooking styles and dietary needs, transforming everyday meals into gourmet experiences that are both delicious and nourishing.

2. No Pesticides, Herbicides or Synthetic Chemicals

While most conventional spices come from crops sprayed with pesticides, these spices deliver a cleaner and flavor-enhancing experience to every dish. Paleovalley spices come from organic, sustainable farms around the world. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals are used in the cultivation of these spices. These organic farming practices preserve each spice’s natural goodness and help prevent harmful residues in the blends.

Why Paleovalley Spices...


3. Non-Irradiated and Non-ETO

Unlike many store-bought spices, Paleovalley sets itself apart by offering spices that are both non-irradiated and free from Ethylene Oxide (ETO) treatments. These spices, sourced from organic farms committed to sustainable practices, retain their natural flavors and health benefits without harsh chemical treatments. This approach ensures our spices preserve their inherent goodness, providing you with pure, unadulterated flavors for your meals.

4. Free from Seed Oils and Refined Sugars

Many spice blends, including organic ones, include additives like seed oils and refined sugars. Paleovalley spice blends are thoughtfully crafted without these additives, ensuring each jar remains pure and full of natural flavor. We're committed to offering spices that are not only rich in taste but also retain their healthful qualities, free from unnecessary extras.


Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends stand out in the world of seasonings. These aren't your typical store-bought spices. They are a unique combination of organic, non-irradiated, and non-ETO ingredients. Each blend is designed to enhance both the flavor and healthfulness of your meals. From the savory Organic Coriander Cumin Seasoning to the aromatic Organic Rosemary Garlic Seasoning, and the versatile Organic Everything Seasoning to the robust Organic Mile High Steak Seasoning, each blend is uniquely versatile and flavorful.

Crafted without additives like seed oils and refined sugars, our spice blends are perfect for those who want pure flavors from nature. Sourced from certified organic, sustainable farms, Paleovalley spices represent a wholesome choice in a market often dominated by artificially treated alternatives.

With Paleovalley’s dedication to organic, health-supporting ingredients, every sprinkle is doing more than just seasoning your food; it's upgrading your entire culinary experience.

  • Certified organic - no synthetic pesticides or chemicals used
  • Non-GMO
  • No Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
  • No refined sugars
  • No seed oils
  • ​From sustainable farms

Experience Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends for yourself and receive the health-supporting benefits and savory flavors not found in other commercial spices. Choose your quantity and save up to 20%. And remember, any order of $75 or more today comes with free shipping.

Money Back


What if this product isn't for me? We don't want you to order anything that you aren't 100% happy with.

Therefore, we have a 60 Day 100% money-back guarantee so if you aren't thrilled with your order just let us know and we'll refund you without any questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the Paleovalley Spice Blends Bundle?

The Paleovalley Spice Blends Bundle includes one jar each of our four distinct and flavorful seasonings: Organic Coriander Cumin Seasoning, Organic Everything Seasoning, Organic Mile High Steak Seasoning, and Organic Rosemary Garlic Seasoning. Each one is crafted with a unique blend of organic spices, offering a variety of tastes to suit any dish you're preparing. This bundle is designed to provide a delicious and versatile spice collection for health-conscious cooks and flavor enthusiasts alike.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients in Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends are chosen to ensure a high-quality, flavorful blend without seed oils or refined sugars:

Organic Coriander Cumin Seasoning - 2.9 oz: Sea Salt, Organic Coriander, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cumin, Organic Fennel, Organic Cayenne

Organic Everything Seasoning - 4 oz: Sea Salt, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic White Pepper, Organic Onion, Organic Garlic, Organic Paprika, Organic Ginger, Organic Yellow Mustard Seed

Organic Mile High Steak Seasoning - 3.3 oz: Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Dill Seed, Organic Coriander, Organic Paprika, Organic Red Pepper

Organic Rosemary Garlic Seasoning - 3.2 oz: Organic Garlic, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Rosemary, Sea Salt

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, on orders of $75 or more, you will receive 100% FREE shipping and handling (US Only).

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped within one business day. Most orders take 2-3 days on average to arrive once shipped.

What makes Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends different from other Spice Blend products?

Paleovalley Organic Spice Blends stand out because of their unique flavors and dedication to quality and health.

1. Organic Ingredients: All spices in Paleovalley blends are certified organic, ensuring they are free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

2. Non-Irradiated and Non-ETO: Our spices are not treated with irradiation or Ethylene Oxide (ETO), preserving their natural integrity and flavor.

3. No Additives: We avoid using seed oils, refined sugars, sugar alcohols or any unnecessary additives, keeping our blends pure and wholesome.

4. Health-Conscious Formulation: Our blends are designed with health in mind, catering to dietary preferences like gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO, and no citric acid.

5. Unique Flavor Combinations: Each blend offers a unique and gourmet flavor profile, enhancing a wide range of dishes.

6. Sustainable Sourcing: Spices are sourced from sustainable farms, supporting environmentally friendly farming practices.

7. Versatility: Our blends are versatile and can be used in a variety of cuisines and cooking methods.

What if I don’t like it after trying it?

We don't want you to pay for anything that you aren't 100% happy with. Therefore, we offer a 60 Day 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren't thrilled with your order, just let us know, and we'll refund you - no questions asked.

Return Policy:

Paleovalley wants you to be beyond satisfied with your experience with us so we have made returning or exchanging products easy. You can purchase with confidence because you are backed by our 60 day moneyback guarantee.

Simply return the empty and unused portion of your Paleovalley product order within 60 days of your billing date for a full refund of the product price.

How to get a refund or initiate an exchange:

Contact our support team at [email protected] for a Return Merchandise Number (RMA). Send your empty or unused product to our return address of: Paleovalley, 350 E Crowther Ave, Placentia, CA 92870. Your return must be received within 60 days from your billing. All charges are fully refundable (less shipping and handling fees) 60 days from the billing date.

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