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Posted by Autumn Smith

Have you ever wondered if there was ONE perfect diet?

The diet that not only made its adherents feel amazing, but that was also backed by AMPLE science?

Well the truth is, there IS.

In fact journalist CJ HUNT traveled all around the world and spoke with various scientists and experts whose job it is to identify exactly what our ancestors consumed on his quest for the perfect human diet.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Just dropping by to let you know our 2nd Transformational Podcast is live! And this episode is all about how, our very own listener, Jill Samter healed her autoimmune disease and improved the health of her entire family with food!

Which is no small feat.

Because autoimmune diseases (except for Celiacs Disease) are technically "incurable."

Clearly, she's got a LOT of wisdom to share.

So take 20 minutes and have a listen! Her story is not only only incredibly inspiring, but it's also packed with practical tips for anyone trying to navigate a healthier lifestyle while raising a family.

Here's are some of the juicy tidbits you'll learn:

Why Jill went from raw food to vegan to Paleo
What a vegan diet did to her health
How she healed her autoimmune disease
How her children felt when they went from vegan to Paleo
The unanticipated positive benefit her children experienced from the addition of animal products
How she healed her children's guts
Why she thinks cereal breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes made in our culture
How her kids made the dietary transition without pushback
The food that finally got my one year old excited about eating
A fun, sneaky way to bolster your child's gut health
How to make drinking green juice fun for kids
Who did not support her children's new diet (this is shocking!)
A quick healthy recipe the kids love
A simple way to have healthy meals ready everyday
The one thing she wished she knew before her health journey

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Lierre Keith is an American writer, radical feminist, food activist, and environmentalist. She is the author of the highly acclaimed The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability. She’s also been arrested six times.

You'll learn:
How a vegan diet destroyed her health
A negative health consequence of vegan diets that can be permanent
Why hunter gatherers didn't get modern day diseases
Why animal products and choosing grass fed & pasture raised meats is crucial to mental health
Why vegan diets may be harmful for children
Why she believes agriculture is the most destructive thing humans have ever done
How we can eat to support healthy body, mind & environment

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Posted by Autumn Smith

In our fourteenth Optimize Paleo Podcast episode you will meet Cain Credicott, the magical man behind it all!

And like many of us who adopt the paleo diet, Cain has a transformative health story that is just as wonderful as his magazine.

And he’s just a SUPER passionate guy too, so don’t miss out!

In today's show you'll learn

When Cain knew a vegan diet wasn't for him.
Why is so passionate about the Paleo diet
Why he thought a physical Paleo Magazine needed to happen
Why he maintains strict standards for those he allows to advertise

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