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Posted by Autumn Smith

Temple Grandin is a renowned American author, animal behavior expert and an advocate for autistic people. With support from her mother and guiding mentors at school, she completed her education successfully and made a flourishing career as an animal expert and a parenting guru for autistic children. She has written numerous books on autism and animal welfare and has been providing consultation to slaughter plants and livestock farms to improve the quality of life of the cattle. She has received various awards towards her contribution to animal science and welfare and has made appearances on numerous television shows and international magazines.

As you can see, Dr. Grandin is a BIG deal.

She's revolutionized the way cows are slaughtered so that they experience as little pain and stress as possible.

She is also an autism advocate and the most accomplished and well known woman with autism in the WORLD.

You don't want to miss this chat!

Here are some of the highlights...

What inspired Dr. Grandin to get into animal agriculture
How and why Dr. Grandin revolutionized the way cows are slaughtered
The simple tricks she used to improve cow welfare
How her autistic mind helped her create a safer system for cows
The amazing lengths she's gone to in order to understand the cow's experience
The surprising things that spook cattle
Whether or not it is really humane to eat animals?
How stress affects meat quality
The details of her revolutionary system
Whether or not the cows know where they're headed
How common it is for a cow to suffer with her system
Why nature can be perhaps MORE harsh than slaughter
What she says to people who are still opposed to raising animals for food
What she thinks needs to be done to improve our educational systems
What she thinks about her HBO movie!
The importance of mentors
How to "turn on" different kinds of minds
What she's up to next
The one piece of advice she'd give to the parents of autistic children
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

And because parenthood is hard enough, I felt compelled to find a baby nutrition expert who could help me delve further into the subject of the profound power of food for our little ones!

My research led me to the exceptional, Julie Matthews.

Julie is the author of Nourishing Hope for Autism. She has been researching the link between autism (and other childhood disorders like ADD!) and diet for over 12 years and has helped thousands of children and clinicians make the most of dietary intervention. According to Julie, pretty much EVERY child she works with sees improvements with dietary intervention.

Pretty impressive.

She is incredibly knowledgeable and super sweet! So if you or someone you know has little ones running around (especially with autism or ADD!) please listen to our 45th podcast with Julie Mathews, author of Nourishing Hope for Autism.

Even if you think (like I did!) that you're doing everything right!

Then share this powerful information with anyone and everyone you love so we can help give our children the very best chance they've got. They're already the first generation expected to live shorter lives than their parents.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Today's show is all about the connection between Glyphosate, Autism and Autoimmunity!

And you don't want to miss it because autoimmune conditions and autism are both rising at alarming rates. In fact, heart disease and certain cancers are now believed to have an autoimmune component which makes autoimmune conditions America's deadliest diseases.

Dr. Seneff also believes autism may have an autoimmune component. And if her theory is correct, avoiding Glyphosate may be one of the most important things you can do to improve your health and add years to your life.

So don't miss this one!

It's truly a fascinating discussion and we did our very best to keep the information as simple as possible. Which was a tough job because Dr. Seneff is SO smart, but I think you'll be impressed.

Here's what you'll learn:

How Dr. Seneff knew Glyphosate was playing a role in autism
What Glyphosate is and where its found
What common crops are sprayed with Glyphosate other than GMOs
Why the allowable levels of Glyphosate used keeps rising
What hidden long term studies reveal about the safety of Glyphosate
Why roundup may actually be MORE dangerous than studies suggest
Why Glyphosate exposure may be contributing to the development of autoimmunity
How Glyphosate damages your gut
Why Glyphosate contributes to antibiotic resistance
The link between Glyphosate and autism
Why Glyphosate may be making our vaccines toxic
And much more!

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